Need A New Mindfulness Practice? Try Bejeweled.

The “hidden gem” of mindfulness tucked away inside a classic puzzle game. The Zen menu is probably the most appealing aspect overall, and what I took for granted 9 years ago is very much appreciated today. In it you’ll find settings for various things you can do while playing. These include: listening to nature sounds in the background, a variety of uplifting affirmations and mantras you can display on screen while playing, and even binaural beats and breath modulation features. All that in a puzzle game! Who knew?

What if The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had No Weapons?

Would you still play without the combat? “I want to explore this beautiful world and discover its secrets, without having to fight or kill anything.” By the time I reached Kakariko Village during my first journey through Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this was my desire made plain. Never before had I encountered a game world so ripe with possibilities for exploration. Never before had there been a Hyrule so vast and expansive, and so breathtaking.

Divorce Your War Simulators

Creativity in video games is vital, and your choices send a powerful message. The same could be said in a more literal sense about buying a game from retailers or game companies. We’re paying money (and/or time) to invest ourselves into each gaming experience. Every time we do this, we’re also sending out a message, loud and clear, to companies that create and sell games. The message is that the game you purchased has the type of content you are paying attention to. It’s the kind of experience you are willing to invest in, both financially, and energetically. Companies are very interested in having that information.

Editing, Proofreading, English LQA, and Feedback Examples

In these examples, I actually was speaking with the project lead who is also the writer for the game, and we developed some good communication and correspondence over time. They took the feedback that I gave into consideration, and even implemented a good number of the changes into the game’s script, with likely more edits planned in the future of development. Their editor had even mentioned that I made some “good catches” after checking things over as well.

How to Reset Skylanders Toys and Figures

Sometimes you may wish to reset a Skylanders figure to its initial state. Maybe you bought a figure used, or you want to try its other skill upgrade path. It's simple to do, but also easily overlooked. The special reset method using Skylanders Giants on Wii is much more particular to implement, but it allows you to reset figures that you cannot normally. Notably, this includes resetting Traptanium Traps from Skylanders Trap Team, and Creation Crystals from Skylanders Imaginators.

Preview Article - Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Gradually you will have other villagers (or in this case, islanders) arrive, each with their own personalities and mannerisms. You'll get to know them by talking with them, and you can interact with them in a variety of ways. These interactions are often heartwarming, sometimes strange, and never truly malicious or of ill intent. Just imagine having nothing but friendly, well-meaning neighbors, who look to you for guidance and inspiration at times, and you'll have an idea of the feel of an Animal Crossing game.

Retrospective Article - Super Mario Bros. 2

So what makes Super Mario Bros. 2 so different? What made it stand out in a good way? Well let's compare it to what the original Super Mario Bros. game didn't have. First and most obvious is an upgrade in the quality of the visuals. It's immediately noticeable right from the start. The blocky, pixelated, decidedly early 8-bit game look from the original is gone, replaced by a smoother, much more appealing (in my opinion anyway) playful hand-drawn artwork visual aesthetic, with bright vibrant colors that easily grab your attention. Also it had purple sky at times. Oh, and whales too.